Cross Tree

Tree of the Cross is the title that describes the concept of this monumental cross, 120 meters high, which houses a chapel for 200 people at its summit. The presbytery is contained by the Sacred Heart of Jesus revealed to St. Faustina Kowalska, which is illuminated at night to enlighten the world with the light that comes from the Immaculate Heart of Jesus Christ. The confessionals are arranged on the "nails" of the hands of Our Lord Jesus and these in turn remind us of the blood shed in his martyrdom for the forgiveness of the sins of all mankind. There is no better place to confess our faults than the wounds of Our Lord.

The Cross is not just a stick nailed to the ground; rather, it is the tree that gives Life, the true fruit of holiness for all humanity, for believers and for those who are not yet believers. The tree where Jesus is nailed, made by human hand, becomes an instrument of divine reconciliation, a wood of salvation.

In this monumental Cross the silhouette of the Savior can be appreciated intertwined with the wood that gave him death in his crucifixion identifying with the fíat voluntas tua that Jesus Christ said in his passion to the Father and that is also captured in the other side of the chapel.

The base of this tree is represented by the roots and it houses an open temple where the Way of the Cross is made and the holy masses are celebrated.
Architects: Alejandro Medina.