Regional Hospital of High Specialties

1st Prize for the Sustainable Contribution to Latin American Hospital Architecture and Engineering AADAIH

Honorable Mention Health VII Biennial of Yucatecan Architecture

This large hospital of 45,000 m² is conceived with a triangular courtyard that organizes the three main blocks: operating rooms, imaging, laboratories on the one hand, administration and outpatient services on the other, and hospitalization services and beds on the other hand. The hospital rooms are oriented to the north where the sun does not enter and the operating rooms, imaging and laboratories to the north-east. The plastic used reminds us of Mayan architecture, since this hospital complex is located in Yucatan
Arquitectos: Alejandro Medina, Enrique Duarte, Ricardo Combaluzier, Josefina Rivas, William Ramirez, Ernesto Quijano.