Mercedes Benz



Alejandro Medina

Descriptive memory

This architectural work is found along Prolongación Paseo Montejo, the main avenue of Mérida, Yucatán.

The building houses a car dealership consisting of three parts: workshop, showroom and offices.

The lot is small considering the architectural project that was needed, so I decided to construct it with three floors. The new car showroom is at street level; upstairs, like a mezzanine, are the offices, which act as balconies for the two-story showroom; and lastly, the workshop is in the basement, which is naturally ventilated and lit through the combination of triple-story lattices that unify all the spaces.

The materials I used for the structures were made of concrete for the basement and steel for the offices and showroom.

The building’s tectonics are through four arches, two of which are “stiffened” and linked together by two half ellipses that support the latticework surrounding the architectural space. This blocks sunlight from the northwest and west while adding natural ventilation, giving the dealership both a technological and environmentally-friendly touch, which are characteristics valued by the brand.